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Biometric Time Attendance

Identification & access control based on human characteristics is the latest and most safer authentication. These may be categorised into physiological and behavioural. Available are- finger prints, face recognition.

GPS Tracker

Supports knowing the actual location, time and relative movement. Captures strong signals and has active applications in surveillance, commercial vehicles, scientific uses, mining, navigation and various day to day uses.

Walkie Talkie

These handheld portable two way communicator is mainly used for multiple purposes. Accompanying emergency switch, this is specially designed for formal uses.

Access Control System

Applying a selective restriction to access a particular thing or place, this technology is used on basis of locks and login credentials.

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Keep an eye Everytime, Everywhere

Available in both the categories Analog & IP, this is the most trusted device of all security systems. Supplied as per the demand it can serve you from a single corner to an entire building. In or out, its compatible features let's you watch out your premises, even in your absence.

24x7 Monitoring

Real Time View

Clear Night View

Facial Recognition

Object Classification

Cloud Storage Real-time Alerts


The Biggest Source of Energy

Solar panels are the best and clean source of generating electricity. Not only it simplifies our day to day works but also makes way to an optimum future. This green energy is eco friendly and saves the non renewable sources from depletion. Also the projects that work on electricity generated through solar PV panels, don't emit Greenhouse Gases and hence are eligible to earn Carbon Credits.

Low Maintenance Costs

Carbon Credit Benefits

Long Life

Wide and Various Applications

Renewable Source of Energy

Reduces Electricity Bills

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